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Horns & Hooves "Morbid Lust" EP CD

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Stygian Black Hand & Tapes From Hell disgracefully present the latest emission from US purveyors of black metal insanity, Horns & Hooves, with their debut extended play "Morbid Lust". Until now the duo hailing from Brooklyn, NY has only self-released one sold out (and now widely coveted) demo, but their hateful and haphazard brand of evil black metal has emerged once again. This new EP is a continuation of the perverse thematic content and rampant style Horns & Hooves displayed on their first demonstration, as the band has developed their sound with clear influences from first- and second-wave black metal stalwarts and the Teutonic thrash metal gods of the 80s. Make no mistake though, Horns & Hooves are peerless in their reckless delivery of wild riffs, depraved lyrical content, and eccentric wailing from main songwriter Malebolge, complemented by the unrelenting and barbaric thrashings and twisted leadwork of Salpsan. The future of black metal belongs to Horns & Hooves, and it will not be bright.

"Ashes to ashes, dust to dust,
May the wounds within your hands become infected with rust,
Festering and raw the maggots lick clean the crust,
Enter the world of MORBID LUST!"


CD limited to 100 copies
Tape version coming soon from Tapes From Hell

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