Stygian Black Hand
Image of Occult Burial<br>"Hideous Obscure" LP

Occult Burial
"Hideous Obscure" LP


Invictus Productions in association with Electric Assault Records and Stygian Black Hand is proud to present the debut album from Canada’s Occult Burial, titled “Hideous Obscure.”

Perfecting this diabolical metal craft over a trio of demos and contributing a track to the cult “Evil Spells, Volume I” compilation alongside the likes of Possession, Throaat, and Spite among others, Occult Burial at last attacks with a full-length.

The LP is split into European and US editions, denoted by the back of the LP sleeve with a SILVER border for Europe and a GOLD border for the USA. Exclusive RED VINYL edition is limited to 100 copies worldwide.

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